In a provocative and chilling new series, Tim Wheat paints a realistic and nightmarish picture of international terrorism and political intrigue, serving up a volatile mixture of relentless action that leads to a shattering climax as the fate of a nation teeters on the brink.

Lilacs bloom in the Midwestern city of Peoria, IL as a country’s worst nightmares become stark reality. An online video game governs live Reaper drones as they descend from the skies and pound the unassuming city, knocking out the power grid, leveling the police station and incinerating a school, as the uppermost echelon of the CIA scramble to thwart the vicious hack.

Widower, father, alcoholic, retired Navy SEAL, and police Sergeant Wallace Marin survives the initial onslaught and vaults into action as the unrelenting waves of terror echo across the city. Deadly machines of war are set in motion throughout the shell shocked town as a surprise encounter with an old friend and Deputy Director of the CIA uncovers a dastardly end game led by a shadowy coalition of high ranking officials and international terrorists. After trading his freedom for the lives of his children Marin finds himself in the middle of a horrible struggle for power between men who operate above the law and with no regard for life as he defies certain death and goes on the offensive. With an impromptu team and no plan he uncovers a complicated web of lies and deceit that leads to the nation’s capital and the staging zone for the largest terrorist attack in world history. Millions of lives hold in the balance, including the President of the United States as Marin is pursued by all branches of the military and police in a race into the den of the most genius and brutal terrorist in the history of man.