St. Thomas, Nevada.  November 7, 1914:

Curiosity drives a man and his two small sons to investigate a nearby meteorite impact where they come face to face with unspeakable violence.  Only the sudden appearance of a silver haired apparition affords them their lives, which are forever changed.

 Boston, Massachusetts.  November 1938:

Rex Chase has devoted himself to The Organization and the advance of scalar energy, though he is haunted by powerfully clear memories of the fallen. 

 The United States of America.  November 1938:

An unprovoked attack on The President of The United States shakes The Organization to its core.  Disorder and confusion dominate the following days as global power is rapidly consolidated and sinister plans set into motion.

 The Organization and Rex Chase are put to the test as they rally to dutifully combat an unquantifiable enemy equipped with matchless feats of technological mastery.  Costs are high, both in equipment and men, but with the clock ticking and Rex Chase at the forefront he ultimately deduces their tormentor’s true goal. 

 It is not subjugation. 

It is not adulation.  

The goal is obliteration.

 Only Rex Chase stands in his way…

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