The Sentinel: September 26th, 2014


The Sentinel comes out September 26th, 2014.  I am doing the hardback rollout a little bit different than I did the last book.  How I'm going to do it this time is I will take orders here on the website, or in person, or however for the next month or so.  The best way will be to head to the Shop section of the site, click on the link, pay for the hardback, and then you're on the order list.  I'm only going to order, number, sign, and authenticate the hardbacks that are pre-ordered as first editions and I will do it in the order they are received.  So, for example, if just four people pre-order the book, then I will only order four, and that will be the only first-editions out there.  Obviously that would be great for those four people someday when they'll be worth gazillions.  After that it'll be all 2nd edition hardbacks, paperbacks and digital.  

Speaking of digital.  If you buy one of the hardbacks you get a free digital pdf.  Speaking of digital pdf's.  You can head to the Books section of the site right now and download a free 100 pages of The Sentinel. 

As you can see, this week's blog is all about the books.  Rex Chase:  A Novel is completed.  You can buy it CHEAP right now on Amazon or through the Shop section of the site.  The story hasn't changed, but the delivery has a bit.  First, I learned that using a lot of adverbs is bad, and guess what, Ma'iitso had over 2000 of them.

"The boy clumsily walked down the eerily lit path."

"The boy stumbled along the dark and eerie walkway."

That's an example of the type of sentence I may have had floating around in some of my work and then how we went back, identified the adverbs, picked new adjectives and got everything modifying the nouns.  2000 times.  Yeah, it took a few minutes.

Then, it turned out that I also have a penchance for passive writing.  I knew that I used a fair amount of passive in my work, I just didn't realize how big of a no, no that was.  For example I would use a sentence like this:

"The bad guy was punched in the face by Rex Chase."

I don't think I actually used any passive that sounded quite that bad, but its easier to illustrate.  Here is how I reworked sentences like that, more than six-hundred times.

"Rex Chase punched the bad guy in the face."

Bam.  Active sentence.  Sounds way better right?  Well, other than the name and cover change, that's the main difference between Ma'iitso Rises and Rex Chase: A Novel.  Alright, what's next.

Oh yeah.  Dangling participles.  I understand them when I see them as an example on a webpage, or when my mom says them.  I am 100% unable to find them inside of a full novel.  It's like my brain just skips right over the top of them.  Luckily, I know smart people, they helped me a lot, and it turns out I didn't have too many in my book.  Great!

So, that concludes the Redux of Ma'iitso Rises hereto forever known as Rex Chase.  

Next on the list.  I had to go back and do a whole lot of those changes to The Sentinel, especially the adverbs.  For some reason I just love them when I'm writing along.  

So, that's what I've been doing instead of thinking real hard about blogs.  Oh yeah, I also built these animated Gif's and they actually work.  Sweet

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Posted on August 6, 2014 .