The NSA ate my blog

You know what I hate?  Well, I won't say hate because my mom says I shouldn't hate things, and technically I don't hate what I'm about to say here.  Alright, let me try again.  You know what I very much dislike?  I dislike when I get online to read my news and the author of an article has sited tweets all throughout his/her article and instead of actually writing the article they just stick those tweets in there willy nilly and then call it reporting.  I'm sure you've seen it before, but it looks something like this.


And, I just worked on this for an hour and a half, saved my work numerous times, and then everything after the lead paragraph just disappeared.  Maybe I offended someone in the NSA or something with my fake news stories.  I would write another one, but the first was just so good and now I have to get going.  So, shortest blog ever, maybe I'll do another tomorrow or something to make up for it.  I actually have a ticket sent into squarespace, so perhaps they'll find it floating around on their servers somewhere and get it back up for me.  For now, though, I blame it on government conspiracy.

Have a great day everyone!

Posted on July 23, 2014 .