First of all a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby sister.  She has been the subject of one of my blogs, watched my kids a bunch, watched my doggies a bunch, had us over for dinner a bunch and we're currently paying her back a little by watching her little doggie while she's on vacation.  He hates me and won't do anything I say, which I'm not exactly used to, but he listens to everyone else, so its actually kind of a relief in duties since I literally can not be in charge of him.  The main problem with that, though, is that I'm still pretty much in charge, I just have to go get someone who will listen to me so that the doggie will listen to them.  Anyway, he's a nice little pooch and we're all getting along famously.  So, to my little sister, Happy Birthday, thanks for everything, we hope you're having a wonderful vacation, the pooch is just fine!!!!!!!  Onto this week's shortened blog!

I'm not really a Pokemon lover, but I once spent about fifty bucks to win a two dollar Pikachu stuffed animal for my five year old at Six Flags.  Actually, I guess he won it for himself.  I probably could have gotten the job done for forty bucks.  That being said, I'm going to keep the blog short this week.  Why?  You say.  Well, because I'm absolutely rolling with book ideas and writing right now.  

It's a strange thing when this happens, but its kind of the way I've always been with a lot of things over the years.  I'll struggle and struggle, fighting to put down a thousand words in a day and not necessarily like a single one of them.  Then there are days like today and yesterday where I've put down fifty quality pages with over sixteen thousand words that I'm proud of.  I'm sure they'll need a little revision, but I've literally gone on runs where the words were flying out of my hands as quickly as I could type, AND they didn't suck.  I haven't even really wanted to stop to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.  If every day were like this I could rough draft a book every sixteen days or so!

So, even though the boys are watching Pokemon in the background, loudly I might add, inspiration still has a hold of me.  I don't sleep very well when my mind gets racing like this anyway so I'm going to run with it until I'm exhausted.  Maybe next week I'll do the blog I was planning about changing brakes, installing an lcd and digitizer into a Google Nexus 7, selling things to stupid people on ebay and how that all ties into following your dreams because whether you are successful or you fail it might as well be at something you love.  Shoot, I might have ruined that one now.  Oh well.  Buy books!  I'm poor!  Even better, I'm looking for a sponsor, maybe even a benefactor, kind of like in Great Expectations.  That would be even better still.  So if any of you know a billionaire, or even a hundred millionaire and can convince them to pay me a couple hundred thousand a year to churn out a book every now and again, or maybe even an album or two, or whatever, I'm flexible, I'd appreciate it if you sent them my way.  Thanks!

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Posted on June 11, 2014 .