Announcements! Benny the Bull is in my backyard...

Yeah, I don't blog much anymore. Every once in a while someone will tell me that they miss it, but the world still seems to be spinning. I've just been too stinkin busy with the two jobs and writing and being a dad/husband and whatnot. That doesn't mean that I don't still think about weird stuff, because I do. It also doesn't mean that I have been lazy in my writing, because I haven't. Even with my hectic schedule I still have a shot at putting out two books this year and this darned music keeps bounding around in my head. Last of all it really doesn't mean that I haven't been having weird dreams, because I have. I actually just had this old recurring dream that I used to have a lot when I was younger where I would be playing basketball and be able to dunk with almost no effort. This time, though, instead of showing off for the crowd and dunking on people, it was just me and my kids on an outdoor court at our house, which somehow had a huge yard with a sport court and a swimming pool. The problem I had in this dream was that the kids didn't care how awesome I was dunking because they were going down the big slide into our super sweet pool with Benny the Bull, who I seemed to think would appreciate my smooth dunking efforts, but he didn't care. Who am I fooling, Benny the Bull got to watch MJ in the flesh. So, anyway, that was the first time I ever had the sweet dunking dream and it didn't turn out awesome. I mean, I guess Benny the Bull coming to my house and the sweet pool and sport court are pretty awesome, all things considered, but I sure didn't get to dunk on anyone or hear the roaring adulation of a huge crowd. Oh well.

So, that's it for the blog today.

Just kidding. 

Is it annoying when I skip lines like this?

I bet it is if you're reading on your phone.

Or a tablet.

Probably isn't a big deal if you're on a pc.

Or are casting your screen onto a 70 inch led.

Maybe squarespace actually just formats it out too. 

I don't really know.

I'll stop.

You may be asking yourself: Why, after six months, has Tim finally decided to do a blog again when he has written about absolutely nothing except a weird dream and just wasted a bunch of space skipping lines? or What does that weird title mean? I get the Benny the Bull part, but I haven't heard any announcements.

Well, here it comes.


I quit my job as a special education aide at Washington Central Intermediate School. It was one of the most fulfilling jobs I've ever had and I loved almost every minute of it. Almost. There were some minutes I wouldn't mind replacing with other, better minutes, but overall it was great. The staff I worked with, both in the life skills department and throughout the entire school, is top notch and I couldn't have asked for better colleagues. I left this job almost every day with a smile on my face and a boatload of funny stories that I wish I could share with all of you, but alas, we haven't the space.  I especially would like to thank the teachers within the life skills department for taking me into their classroom, helping me grow as a teacher, and showing me what it is like to be truly dedicated to your work. You ladies are great.

As far as the students go, I really, honestly enjoyed working with them more than I thought possible when I started the job. Every day was different. Every time my face got licked it was different. Every time I answered the same question for the two thousandth time it was somehow different. Every time I would hear my name screamed down the hallway and that one student would come and try to jump into my arms for a hug, was also somehow different. I'll miss working with them. So, you may be asking yourself. Why quit if you love it so much? Well, on field day I ordered a size 2x shirt, and when I got it, it was a ladies 2x and I felt humiliated... 

OK, that's not true. I mean, I did get a ladies 2x shirt on accident, but it wasn't anyone's fault and I certainly wasn't humiliated. I mean, I don't know what it would actually take to humiliate me, but its more than that. I contemplated wearing the ladies 2x, but I'm not sure everyone involved could handle all that. So, I guess I still haven't answered the question, why quit?


I did use the plural, announcements, so here comes another. I also have informed the management staff at Chilis about my impending final days. This is another place I've loved working at over the years, and I still have a little time left, but the days are slowly coming to a close. Its hard to believe that when I started there I was 24 years old, not married, no kids, Axl was a pup... I mean I had just barely met my wife. Speaking of my wife, we just had our tenth wedding anniversary. Man, I'm getting old. Anyway, my time at Chilis has also been great. I've met a ton of people, whether its guests, staff, or management, that I'll remember for the rest of my life. Without that place I never would have met some people that I'll always remember and call friends until the day I die. This is where I met the real Bobby Poppen. He was one of the few people who didn't look at me all strange when I first mentioned I was writing a novel, and I believe was one of the first three to read both Ma'iitso and The Sentinel. Its where a met Eric Jorgensen, who also got his name in the first book. Al and Vikki Schoedel, Bill and Helen Barrick, Kenny Sutter, Mary Beth Cunningham, Wade and Dawn Richrath, GORDY, Jason Nordvall, Jason Trevino, Teresa Johnston, Amy Smith, Terri Kisler, Shorty, Lauren Dylla, Holly Richrath, Frona, Wyatt Robinson, Alex Berry, Big Buddy, Little Buddy, Stone Cold, Kim and Larry Hicks....... The list could literally go on and on and on. I apologize for leaving people off, but I could sit here for hours and keep adding names. If I left you out put your name in the comments and I'll add you! I've had a great run at Chilis and I'll miss the work. I enjoy bartending. I like the people. I like the atmosphere. Its fun. I'll especially miss the conversation. Man. All those conversations...

So, you may be still asking yourself once again: Why would he quit two jobs, both of which he loves, and why didn't he answer the first time? Maybe he's making a ton of money on bookwriting!


I'm excited to announce that I applied, was offered, and subsequently accepted a position, starting in August, at Washington Central District 51 as the 8th grade social studies teacher. As an aide in the school I worked with a lot of the teachers and staff in both the 8th grade and social studies departments and am honored to accept a position working with them. I've already begun molding my map of the curriculum and getting resources together to write and teach lessons. Its something I haven't done in a while, but shaking the rust off seems to be happening pretty quickly. I know that I have a lot of work left ahead of me and I know that every day isn't going to be smooth, but I feel like I'll be up to the challenge. Its going to be a fun year!

So, there you have it. I quit two jobs that I love to work another job that I assume is going to be great as well and also allows me to maybe work a little with my previous students and staff that I loved working with all while making a little more money so that maybe I can still go eat at Chilis every once in a while for a little bit of that conversation. Whew. Run- on city. Not a sentence. That either. I'm cool with it. I'm still planning on writing books, especially this summer, and if I get a few minutes one of these days I definitely have an album or two worth of material in my musical brain. Wait. Wait.


To celebrate all of these announcements (and maybe clear out a little inventory and maybe put some money in the timwheatbooks account) I've decided to have a sale. Go to the shop section of the site and buy a hardback, or paperback, directly from me, via paypal for $22 and $12, respectively. I still have a few of the first editions of Ma'iitso Rises left over as well as a few Ma'iitso paperbacks. As far as Rex Chase and The Sentinel go you can't get them any cheaper anywhere else and they don't come signed from anywhere else. I have shipping to the lower 48 and taxes mixed right into those numbers. If you don't care for physical copies and you don't care to have my Herbie Hancock then you can still head on over to Amazon or Smashwords or Ibooks or Barnes and Noble or Kobo etc. and download. Rex Chase is only 99 cents! 

So, to recap. I loved working special ed. I loved working Chilis. I quit them both. I'll be teaching 8th grade social studies in the fall. Please buy a book! I'm broke from quitting all my jobs!




Posted on June 9, 2015 .